Value Added Services & Capabilities

Elite knows a lot goes into a successful safety product distribution business. Let our complementary services be your one-stop-shop for all your business needs so you can concentrate on growing your company.

Custom Logos

Pad Printing: Logo your products at a speed of 10 times faster than silk screen printing. Have the capability to provide higher precision printing.

Silk Screen Printing: We also have capabilities to print larger logos on our apparels such as DuraWear® rainwear and HiVizGard™ safety vests.

Heat Transfers: For full color logo applications, this is the solution to meet your demands.

Vend Pack Ready: We offer vending machine pack ready items based on your customer’s requirements.

Private Labeling & Custom Packaging

We provide structural and controlled product factors which include competitive pricing and distribution availability. This service enhances the customer experience while promoting increased selling opportunities. This service provides low cost retail ready or banding multi-packs for packing which can be store ready directly from the product cases.

Service Tags

We provide two different hang tag styles with customized retail markings, including UPC barcoding, product item number, and description call outs printed which are printed on tags for added value on the packaging details.

Drop Shipment

Save time and money by using our drop shipment service as we handle your orders with care and attentiveness.

Direct Import Programs

This program is catered to high volume distributors to increase buying power including product customization without compromising product quality control during the production process. This benefits the distributors with cost savings.

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